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Victoria University of Wellington Women in Tech VUWWIT is a free club for all students (regardless of gender) interested in or studying computer science, engineering and other STEM subjects at VUW with a focus on supporting women, gender-diverse people and other minorities in tech.

Networking events

VUWWIT strives to bridge the gap between students and industry, allowing our members to learn the ins and outs of networking in a safe and supportive environment. Events like WITCon bring together professionals and students to foster connections and future opportunities.

Social events

Like any good student organisation, one of the best parts of membership is the opportunity to get to know other students and faculty members. A highlight of the VUWWIT calendar is the STEM Ball, and we also host other fun events throughout the year like Quiz Nights and Movie Nights.   


Our workshops are a great chance to learn something new, meet other students, and talk to industry professionals about their companies, jobs, and specialised fields. We pride ourselves on facilitating fun and challenging events, like our annual Hackathon, which is a highlight of the year.


We want to do our part in ensuring the next generation are considering science, technology, engineering, and maths when thinking about their futures. We work with high schools on events like our Tech Day for Girls, which invites high school students to come and experience a day of fun tech activities on campus.

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